Urban mice infestations are increasing year on year and baiting programmes are proving to be very ineffective in gaining long term control.

The most effective and direct control method for any pest is habitat exclusion – prevent mice from accessing your property internals and existing infestation levels become unsustainable and a population crash inevitably occurs.

Our specialised proofing service has been developed over the past 10 years with the specific purpose of excluding mice from accessing the internal confines of a dwelling with long term/permanent effect.

Proofing achieves this through the systematic inspection of all water, gas and electrical entry points to a property as well as any structural defects around floor/wall interfaces, fittings and fixtures.

The service is conducted following a comprehensive procedure to ensure no possible entry points are overlooked.

The service is undertaken by pest controllers with an understanding of mice ecology but also trained to understand building construction and service provision.

Where possible entry points are identified, these are proofed with a variety of proofing compounds chosen depending on the substrate and gap size involved – these proofing products are safe, non-toxic and as durable as the surrounding substrate they are applied to (we don’t use expanding foam for example).

A written form is completed during the service provision for each property by the pest technician showing what works were carried out in which location and with which proofing compound – notes and observations are also detailed on the last page along with a customer satisfaction section.

Guarantees are supplied with this service and it involves no fixture removal making it extremely cost effective