We are well-resourced in both vehicles and man-power and have complete control over response times due to a dedicated Voids Manager and directly employed field staff.

We can clear all rubbish (white goods, sharps, low hygiene) from all areas of the void (roof voids included) and with un-rivalled standards in speed – up to 24 hrs on some contract requirements.

All vehicles have an on-board system to measure weight of rubbish removed from each property – we don’t do any guessing.

All waste transfer notes, weighbridge tickets and before/after photographs are uploaded onto our online database – this gives 2 points of physical evidence as to what rubbish was in each void and where it all went.

Should a 3rd point of evidence be required, the exact movements of each vehicle can be submitted for each and any job via the satellite trackers present in all company vehicles.

Large clients have a log-on facility to the database where all uploaded documents, completion dates and recycling statistics for each job can be viewed.

This gives our void clearance service complete transparency which in turn facilitates painless external audits, ‘open book’ contract runnings and a solid evidence trail for any recharging policies used to offset void clearance costs.